Douglas County Conservation Districts Fire Assistance

During this time of devastating fire and wind damage, we are working together to find assistance for farmers, ranchers and anyone else who have been impacted by these fires. Deer are moving into neighborhoods away from fires and towards food and water. Watch for wildlife on the roads and in your gardens. Keep an eye on the horizon for any fire hot spots that may flare up.

Contact your local Conservation District to let us know what you need. Knowing the extent of the damage, number of acres burned, and number of livestock lost or needing feed will help us explore opportunities for funding assistance. CDs can also take donations that will go directly to fire recovery assistance. Pasture and rangeland has been burned. If you have pasture or feed you could donate to those without, let us know.

You can call South Douglas at 509-745-9160 or Foster Creek at 509-888-6372 . Updates will be available on their websites and Facebook pages.

You should also contact your local FSA or NRCS offices to report any losses within 30 days of the damage.