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South Douglas is Looking for a Supervisor


Are you interested in becoming more involved with your Conservation District? South Douglas Conservation District will have a mail in ballot election March 15, 2023. Mike Lesky currently holds the position and will run again.


The five member Board of Supervisors meets on the first Monday of each month, except August. The supervisors set policy and direction for the Conservation District, serving a three year term without compensation. (We can reimburse for travel). They oversee conservation practices in southern Douglas County, promoting education and protecting natural resources.  Currently, the district is involved in developing the Firewise Program in Douglas County, Tree and Shrub Sale, water quality projects, and a cost share program for its cooperators.  Your time would involve monthly board meetings as well as community contact to identify resource needs and provide assistance, whether technical, financial or educational.

If you are interested in becoming a supervisor, please call the office, 745-9160. Visit southdouglascd.org for more information on the district.  The application form must be completed by February 12, 2023.  You must be a registered voter who resides within the boundaries of South Douglas CD.

Eligible voters are registered voters who reside within the boundaries of the District.  The last day and time that voters can request ballots from the District is March 1, 2023 at 3:00 p.m.  Ballots can be requested from South Douglas Conservation District, PO Box 246, Waterville, WA 98858 or 509-745-9160.  If a voter is returning a ballot by mail, the voter must account for the time it will take for the ballot to be returned to the district by mail.  Ballots returned by mail must be post-marked no later than Election Day, March 15, 2023.  The election supervisor will be Carol Cowling.