Waterville Weather

Back in 2007, South Douglas funded a weather station for the Waterville School. Perched on top of the courthouse in Waterville, it was hard to maintain and deliver accurate weather conditions. Farmers, pilots, gardeners and others need accurate up to date weather. Temperature, wind, humidity and other weather conditions can determine what outside activities can safely be accomplished.

Dave Barnes, owner of Barnes Welding, approached the district about moving the station out to the Waterville Airport. It is a better location with no buildings or trees to interfere weather readings. Weather Underground is a good site, and can give you up to date information and forecasts. Dave has agreed to maintain the station so it is readily available to anyone wanting exact weather conditions.

wunderground.com/weather/us/wa/waterville/98858 will take you directly to the Waterville Airport site. You can move around the site to see even more weather info, both current and past.